2021- 2022

Academic Year

20 AUGUST 2021 - PILT formed


October 1: Holiday Fundraiser launched on GoFundMe https://gofund.me/2f55e750 ; Albert Einstein Charter (Ms. Montes, Fr. Lewis, Ms. Cuevas Hernandez) looking into cafeteria food rescue possibilities

October 4: "Food Rescue" Meeting with Ms. Jendian and Supervisor of Food Services at Helix Charter High School (Brayden); Food Rescue pilot program launched

October 6: PILT Introductory Screencast / Slideshow presentation to Albert Einstein Academies ASB; (Brayden, Camila, Kiara, Lauren - pre-recorded); AEA ASB joined PILT

October 8: PILT Introductory Zoom meeting with EJE Middle Academy Principal and Student Leadership Advisor (Brayden, Camila & Lauren/PILT; Ms. Hayley Bratt /PATH)

October 9: EJE Middle joined PILT making EJEMA the 2nd East County PILT -member School

October 15: Meeting About Non-Perishable Food Rescue Possibilities with Ms. Janet Whited and Mr. Robert Brody of SDUSD (Brayden, Camila /PILT; Ms. Struben & Ms. Bratt /PATH)

October 22: Meeting with Vice Principal at Mission Bay HS to discuss Food Rescue (Camila)

October 23: PILT on Instagram @pilt_pathyouth (Camila)

October 24: PILT on Facebook PILT 4 PATH (Camila)

October 25: Meeting with Helix Charter HS Key Club Leadership about Welcome Home Baskets (Brayden & Lauren)

October 30: 9 a.m. Zoom Meeting with PATH Interim Housing Case Manager Patricia Tyler about Veteran Support (Brayden)

October 31: Accepted a donation of cleaning supplies worth hundreds of dollars from Lowe's Santee on behalf of PILT (Brayden)


November 8-10: Clothes Drive Challenge at Helix Charter HS to Benefit PATH's Veteran Residents

November 15: 1,078 items of clothing from Helix's Clothes Drive Challenge (to benefit PATH's veteran clients) delivered to PATH Connections, The Link, and Valley Vista Permanent Housing Sites.

November 19: Accepted a Donation of over $2,300 in furniture and soft furnishing from IKEA

November 22: Accepted a Donation of 1,000 pairs of new socks from World Mission Society Church of God


December 10: Started weekly (every Friday) food donation from Helix Charter HS Food Rescue to the senior supportive housing site "Trinity Place"

December 16: Received Principal's approval for Food Rescue at Mission Bay High School (Camila)

December 17: Accepted 49 Care Kits donation from EJE Middle Academy in El Cajon to be distributed throughout East County through PATH La Mesa Outreach (Brayden, Lauren); Albert Einstein Charter Middle School donated 178 lbs of food to PATH Downtown through an ASB initiative; 410 items of food delivered to Trinity Place through Helix HS's Food Rescue program

December 22: Hosted Christmas dinner for the 52 residents at Ivy (PATH San Diego's newest senior supportive housing site), sponsored by Mr. Calvin Herbin, Food Services Supervisor at Helix Charter High School and C.E.O of Calvin Herbin Empire of Food (C.H.E.F), and balloon décor donated by Ms. Danielle Rainey of Studio 2053.

December 22: $2,384 collected through the GoFundMe Holiday Gift Fundraiser for clients.


January 7: Accepted donation of toothpaste from La Mesa Dental (Brayden)

January 10: Cleaning Supplies Donation Drive for PSH Zephyr launched at Helix Charter High School (Brayden, Lauren). 713 items have been donated to-date.

January 28: "PATH Pets" officially launched. Zoom meeting with representatives from PATH, SD Humane Society (Lauren Rogers), and Helen Woodward Center foster mom, Gail Young (Brayden-PILT)

January 31: Donations through PATH Pets Gift Lists dropped off to Ms. Diane Onofrio at HRC (Brayden)


February 3: Over 6,000 cloth masks donated by Helix Charter High School (Brayden & Lauren - PILT, Brice Miachalek - PATH Outreach)

February 17: La Mesa Courier Interview (Brayden, Lauren)

February 18: IKEA "Random Act of Kindness" Day Pillow-and-Blanket Donation Drive delivery acceptance (Brayden, Camila & Lauren - PILT; Ms. Struben & Hayley Bratt - PATH)

February 25: Mission Bay High School Outreach Club's Care Kits Donation Drive for PATH Outreach (Camila)


March 4: Canyon Hills High School Key Club partnered with PILT

March 5: St. Martin of Tours Academy in La Mesa partnered with PILT. 5th through 8th grade students will be taking on a PILT project to benefit PATH San Diego's clients.

March 21: PILT DBA account meeting with Sandy Oluwek (CFO - PATH), La Keishia Childers (Chief Compliance & Administration Officer - PATH), Ms. Struben (Advisor - PILT), Lauren Chen (Financial Consultant - PILT), and Brayden

March 22: Accepted donation of 40 care kits for PATH from 6th graders at St. Martin of Tours Academy. (Brayden)


April 4: Delivered 169 cans of shelf-stable food donated by Helix Charter High School to residents at Zephyr (PATH San Diego's supportive housing site for veterans)

April 15: Easter dinner for the 77 residents at Trinity Place (a senior supportive housing site) (Camila); Accepted donation of dog and cat toys from Canyon Hills HS Key Club (Brayden and Lauren)

April 19: Accepted Welcome Home Baskets, Supplies for Seniors at Trinity Place & Ivy, and Pet items from 5th and 8th grade students at St. Martin of Tours Academy in La Mesa (Brayden)

April 25- May 6: Helix Charter HS Freshman Class Cleaning Supplies Drive Challenge to benefit PATH SD's Interim Residents (Brayden and Lauren)

April 29- May 13: California Scholarship Federation Scripps Ranch HS Chapter Care Kits Drive (Kiara)


May 13: Hayley Bratt, Community Affairs Associate, joins PILT as the Interscholastic Liaison

May 14: Garden Support Project launched with the support of Lemon Grove Garden and Nature Club

May 20: Accepted La Mesa Sunrise Rotary Club donation of hygiene products for unhoused neighbors (Brayden)

May 28: Mission Bay High School Homeless Hunger Awareness Club donation of 120 pairs of socks donated to PSH site, Connections (Camila)

May 30: Scripps Ranch High School CSF Club donation drive care kits dropped off at Connections (Kiara)


June 1: Mission Bay High School Outreach Club donation of dental hygiene products, clothes, hats, etc. dropped off at Connections (Camila)

June 8: PILT visit to AEA ASB (Brayden)

June 10: Kelly Easley joins PILT and leads Social Media

June 9: Meeting with PATH LA to discuss PILT-LA (Brayden, Ms. Struben)


June 7: San Pasqual Valley Soils donation of 1 .5 cubic yards (40.5 cubic feet) of raised bed garden soil, fertilizer, and worm castings for Connections and Ivy (Brayden)

June 8: Succulent cuttings from Hunter's Nursery (Brayden)

June 14: PILT celebration @ Zephyr