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PILT is made up of friends who met in elementary and middle school at the Albert Einstein Academies in San Diego. The team currently comprises Brayden, Camila, Kiara, Kelly, Lilia, Lana, and Minori although Lauren was part of the original team in 2020, and first grader Josephine joined in 2023.  

Brayden founded and leads PILT as its CEO. He was a PATH San Diego volunteer in the summer of 2021 when he noticed an urgent need (especially) for hygiene products to distribute to those who are experiencing homelessness during the pandemic.  He had a thought: Why not get Gen-Z involved to help address one of the most pressing issues in California? After a meeting with his PATH supervisor and Associate Director of Community Affairs, Ms. Sigrid Struben, Brayden founded PILT and invited his friends from the Albert Einstein Academies to be part of it. Through their many projects, PILT works tirelessly with PATH San Diego to assist those who are unhoused find a permanent home.

The strength of PILT lies in its diversity.  The team comes from different cultural backgrounds, belong to different faiths, and have different talents. Their advisor is from Holland, one of their members was born in Japan, and another member grew up in Belarus. Taken together, PILT speaks English, Spanish, German, Dutch, Russian, and Japanese fluently, and are learning French and Mandarin Chinese! 

As diverse as they are, the team is bound by the common thread of doing their part to make life a little better for those around them.


2022-2023 academic year: Brayden, Camila, Kelly, and Kiara serve on the Executive Committee, with Minori joining in June 2023. Lilia serves as the outreach cordinator and Lana helps Minori with graphic design. Josephine is the team lead at Albert Einstein Academies elementary.