Albert Einstein Academies Charter Middle School (ASB)

San Diego Unified School District

JOINED 6 October 21  

AEA ASB is directed by Dr. Jose Diaz, Assistant Principal, and Ms. Megan Holbrook.

Albert Einstein Academies is the first authorized K-8 public German/English dual immersion, International Baccalaureate charter school in San Diego. AEA's vision statement is states that "Albert Einstein Academies nurtures, cultivates, and inspires multilingual, critical thinkers who are well-rounded, responsible, global citizens uniquely prepared to thrive, lead, and create positive change in the 21st century."

Minori Groene

Team Lead

Minori Groene is a seventh grader at AEA Charter Middle School (AEACMS) who serves as Secretary of ASB.  She is in charge of  fundraising for PILT and will become part of PILT's Executive Committee when her training period ends on June 3. 

Minori is always seeking to help make the world a better place. The clubs she has joined let her make stronger connections with the community and understand the flaws of our society to turn them around for good. She enjoys school—especially English—and is constantly finding ways to challenge herself academically and in extracurricular aspects. 

You can find her reading a book, taking personality tests, hanging out with friends, eating chocolate, creating dystopian worlds, or simply pondering the meaning of life. Minori is also a tennis player and a pianist who rejoices in a competitive rally or a Romantic piece. Furthermore, she is fluent in English and German and aspires to revive her Japanese once more.

Minori is a being of many hopes and ideals and is exceptionally grateful for being able to be a part of PILT.



We would like to thank AEA ASB for the 178-lbs of non-perishable food items that were donated to PATH San Diego on 12-17-21. 

Brayden, Camila, Kiara, Kelly, and Lilia are proud to be AEA alum who were introduced to community service and engagement by AEA.