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October - A Month of Advocacy & Expansion

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

October saw Brayden and Josephine advocating on behalf of those who are food-and housing insecure and raising awareness about homelessness and hunger. Camila increased support for PATH through more club engagement at Mission Bay High, while Minori continued to add to her team, build her cabinet, and plan projects.

Albert Einstein Academies Charter Elementary School

Second-grader Josephine has been leading PILT’s initiatives at AEACES. Responding to a call from formerly unhoused Veterans, a schoolwide drive was launched to supply personal care items to the 77 men and 8 women at PATH’s supportive housing site for Veterans. Another drive for coats, jackets, and other items of warm clothing for these Veterans are underway. Additionally, Brayden and Josephine joined forces to do presentations on homelessness to all six 1st grade classes (and are looking forward to an encore with 5th graders next month).

Albert Einstein Academies Charter Middle School

PILT’s CEO-elect, Minori, has been building her team. Five new members joined PILT in October, and they have been busy planning activities. Along with Josephine from the elementary school, these new members will be part of PILT’s next executive committee.

Helix Charter High School

Helix’s schoolwide drive for personal hygiene products has collected 204 items thus far. The drive supports formerly unhoused Veterans, unsheltered teenagers (through StandUp for Kids), and transitional age foster youth in YMCA’s emergency shelters (through the “Housing Our Youth” collaborative). The Art Club is still in the process of painting “collection boxes” for PATH San Diego’s holiday blanket drive, and the hygiene products drive will continue through December 15.

Mission Bay High School

Support for PATH expanded at Mission Bay with the Key Club joining the Outreach Club to launch a canned food drive to benefit PATH San Diego’s interim shelter clients. The Outreach Club is also in communication with StandUp for Kids to supply care kits with hygiene products for runaway teens. Camila is planning another club field trip to PATH’s downtown location.

What Can YOU Do?

With Veterans Day approaching, we urgently need men’s deodorant, men’s razors, soap, toothpaste/toothbrushes, men’s shampoo/conditioner/body wash to fulfill a request by formerly unhoused Veterans.

We’re also looking for new or gently-used warm clothing items for Veterans in the sizes below:

Women: XL, L, M

Men: XXL, XL, L

Please Email me if you can help:

Alternatively, if you wish to donate money for us to purchase items, please go to

A donation receipt will be provided upon request.

We hope you enjoyed this month’s update. Stay tuned for more exciting news next month!


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