Interim Support

Interim Support is aimed at helping those who are transitioning into a permanent home. One of the ways we do it is through Welcome Home Baskets with items that someone moving into a new home would need. The baskets do not need to be preassembled, and you have the option of donating individual items as well. We only accept NEW items for our Welcome Home Baskets. While it may be a choice for most of us to purchase or receive used items, it is not the case for our recipients. We feel they deserve something new to celebrate a new beginning.

We also support new tenants with bed-in-a-bag sets, cleaning supplies, etc. Essential items such as laundry detergent can be expensive for someone moving into an apartment after living in a car, shelter, or even the streets for a long time. Thank you for considering a donation!

2021-2022 Academic Year

PATH's new veteran tenants with their Welcome Home baskets (above)

Welcome Home Baskets Donated by St. Martin of Tours Academy 5th Graders