September 2021


Additional Support Provided By: HELIX CHARTER HIGH SCHOOL

Trinity Place is home to 74 residents who are 55 and older who suffer from a chronic medical condition. Residents are provided with medical care by St. Paul's Senior Services/PACE program while PATH San Diego's case managers connect residents with the services they need, help them pay their rent on time or go to their medical appointments.

Trinity Place residents' needs are supported through PILT initiatives at Mission Bay High School (SDUSD). Residents will continue to receive weekly donations of cold food items from Helix Charter High School (GUHSD).

EASTER PARTY on 15 April 2022 HOSTED BY Camila Figueroa Sanchez DECOR PROVIDED BY Studio 2053

L-R: Camila Figueroa Sanchez, Lauren Rainey & Brayden Pape of PILT with Ms. Nina Williams, Mr. Tory Rodriguez & Ms. Krista Hatton of PATH

"These donations are so helpful, and residents are very thankful for the food donations that Helix Charter provides."

Tory Rodriguez Lead Residential Services Coordinator

Mr. Tory Rodriguez and Ms. Nina Williams with some of the weekly food donated by Helix Charter High School.

Team Member-In-Charge: Camila Figueroa Sanchez