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2022-2023 Academic Year

During our second year of operation, PILT experienced tremendous growth in terms of members as well  in impact. After becoming our own 501c3 unincorporated nonprofit association in February 2023, we expanded our support to include unhoused and foster teens and youth. Our member schools increased their participation while five more schools joined, bringing the total to 12 partner schools in 5 San Diego County school districts. In response, we added Minori, Lilia, Lana, Josephine, Nicolo, and Gloria to the team, and launched two new projects specifically designed to meet the needs of those whom we serve.  The growth across schools also meant that we no longer needed to engage community partners as much, and we increased advocacy and enjoyed greater financial success in 2022-2023.


October 7

Brayden's presentation, "Our Community" to Albert Einstein Charter Elementary 1st Graders who are learning how "where we live influences how we live" as part of their IB (International Baccalaureate) unit for the month.

October 10

AEA Elementary becomes the 8th school and the 1st elementary school to partner with PILT.

October 22

Mission Bay High School Outreach Club tours PATH "Connections" downtown (Camila)

October 24

Helix Charter High School's schoolwide Fall Drive to support all 8 PILT projects for PATH San Diego's clients (Brayden, Kelly)

October 26

St. Therese Academy becomes the 9th school to partner with PILT.

October 27

Brayden's Op-Ed published in the San Diego Union-Tribune.

October 30

Blanket boxes painted by Scripps Ranch High School's Art Club dropped off at PATH "Connections" (Kiara)

October 31

Pet food & supplies, umbrellas, canned food & snacks donated by Helix Charter High School dropped off at the Homelessness Response Center (HRC) (Brayden)