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La Mesa - Spring Valley School District

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Three classes / grade levels at St. Martin of Tours Academy adopted four PILT projects . Mrs. Mosel, Ms. Zoni, and Mrs. Soto helped their students collect items desperately needed for PATH San Diego's unhoused and newly-housed clients and their pets.   Their compassion and generosity helped some of the most vulnerable people in our communities during post-pandemic inflation.

Mrs. Soto's 5th Grade Class - Welcome Home Baskets

These amazing 5th graders made beautiful welcome home baskets filled with items that a person would need when they move into a permanent home sometimes after living on the streets for a very long time.


Ms. Zoni's 6th Grade Class - Care Kit Items

Mrs. Zoni's incredible 7th graders collected hundreds of personal hygiene items to be included in the care kits that PATH's outreach teams deliver to those experiencing homelessness. 


Mrs. Mosel's 8th Grade Class - PATH Pets & Senior Support

Mrs. Mosel's awesome 8th graders adopted TWO of our projects! The "PATH Pets" project collected food, toys, and supplies for pets and emotional support animals belonging to PATH's unhoused and newly-housed clients. The "Senior Support" project collected everything from waterproof bed pads to household cleaning supplies for PATH's residents living at the two supportive housing sites for formerly unhoused senior citizens.

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