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PILT was founded towards the end of the Covid-19 pandemic when supply chain disruptions were affecting sources for food for those experiencing homelessness.  The related decline in business revenue also translated to a decline in donations of essential items for PATH San Diego's clients. Therefore in 2021-2022, PILT directly engaged community partners for support.  As pandemic restrictions were being eased and our presence in schools grew, we engaged community partners only as needed since the needs of our unhoused neighbors were being met through our partner schools.

It is truly a matter of pride for us that IKEA San Diego, the Helen Woodward Animal Center, and the San Diego Humane Society that were introduced to PATH by Brayden and Camila continue to partner with PATH San Diego, providing much-needed supplies and services to PATH's clients and their pets. Similarly, La Mesa Dental has been donating dental hygiene products to PILT since 2020, while the World Mission Society Church of God has generously donated socks, bookshelves, and bibles to PATH's supportive housing residents.

Our gratitude to our community partners knows no bounds. Thank you.

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