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PILT's core team began our journey of community service at the Albert Einstein Academies (AEA).  The elementary school was the birthplace of connections and inspiration, and the progression to AEACMS, the middle school, brought us even further.  The AEA community has taught us how to take action for a cause, and teachers/students/staff continue to deepen our understanding of the world around us. With the support of the Associated Student Body (ASB), we have led multiple projects at AEACMS, including a nonperishable food drive for PATH San Diego's clients, a volunteer activity at PATH's downtown facility to serve lunch to interim housing residents, and two fundraisers to continue giving as we do. 

We are very grateful to the AEA community for supporting us and our organization, especially to principal Dr. Jose Diaz, Ms. Megan Holbrook, and the ASB for supporting us as we work to serve those facing food and housing insecurity.

 The AEACMS team is led by PILT's Director of Fundraising and Outreach Minori Groene who will lead PILT in the next school year. She is supported by Gloria, Nicolo, Lana, Aya, Elsa, Xavier, Genesis, Anya, Mila, Vivienne, and Arturo.

The Einstein Post (March Edition)
Article by Genesis 

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