Albert Einstein Academies Charter Elementary School

San Diego Unified School District

JOINED 7 October 22  

Albert Einstein Academies is the first authorized K-8 public German/English dual immersion, International Baccalaureate charter school in San Diego. AEA's vision statement is states that "Albert Einstein Academies nurtures, cultivates, and inspires multilingual, critical thinkers who are well-rounded, responsible, global citizens uniquely prepared to thrive, lead, and create positive change in the 21st century."

Josephine Baur

Team Lead

7 (and 1/2!)-year-old Josephine Baur is an energetic first grader in Ms. Musto's class at AEACES.  She decided to help those who don't have a permanent home after seeing a man walking down her street with trash bags full of recycling that he got from a dumpster. She saw this man every morning on her way to school and felt it was unfair that he did not have enough money to pay rent, and decided to do something to help. 

Josephine is a member of Girl Scout Troop 4593 and her favorite part about school is meeting new people. 

Josephine has a Lego aquarium and her favorite color is yellow (because she can highlight in yellow and it's a bright color!)

Josephine collected hygiene products from her 1st grade class!

We would like to thank Principal Bouterse, Frau Graetz, Ms. Musto, and the 1st grade teachers for allowing us to share our vision with AEA's amazing 1st graders

We are proud to be AEA alum who were introduced to community service and engagement by AEA.