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December - A Month of Achievements & Recognition

Updated: Jan 13

December marked the end of the first semester of this school year, and it was truly a month to celebrate with the addition of Sophie Brown, a sophomore from Helix Charter High School. Although many of our partner schools had completed their first semester projects by the end of November, Helix Charter High and Albert Einstein Academies Charter Elementary remained active until the very end.

Long-Awaited Tax Exemption Arrived

We welcomed our much-anticipated state tax exemption in December, ending Brayden's long and arduous journey to obtain federal and state tax exemptions for PILT. We are now proudly tax exempt under California Revenue and Taxation Code Section 23701d, which exempts us from paying taxes on the income we earn from our various fundraising activities.

PILT Profiled in the La Mesa Courier on December 15

PILT received broad coverage in an article in the La Mesa Courier! Titled, "Helix Charter High School Gives Back to Community," the article was January 4th's top story on Featuring both Brayden and Sophie, it discussed ways in which Helix High supported less-fortunate community members during the holiday season. Following its publication, which included a photo featuring "Zephyr" -- PATH San Diego's supportive housing site for Veterans (below) -- PATH gave us a shoutout on social media.

PILT Received Shoutout from the YMCA's Housing Our Youth Coalition

David Baker, a spokesperson for the San Diego County YMCA, acknowledged the contribution PILT has made through Helix Charter High School in 2023. YMCA's youth clients, some of whom are parents, received hygiene products and diapers from Helix High.

Holiday Fundraiser

PILT launched its annual holiday fundraiser on GoFundMe on December 6. We are grateful to those who generously donated to help us continue our mission.

Albert Einstein Academies Charter Elementary School

December saw the end of the months-long awareness-raising campaign undertaken by Josephine, PILT's youngest executive team member and team lead at AEACES, and Brayden. Presentations titled "Activism" were made to fifth grade classes, while third graders learned about "Our Community."

Helix Charter High School

Brayden and Sophie wrapped up the schoolwide drive for hygiene products and collected the last of the diapers donated by the school's chapter of the National Honor Society. A total of 1,339 hygiene items were collected and distributed among PATH San Diego's Veterans at "Zephyr," senior residents at "Ivy," and interim shelter residents at "Connections", unsheltered teenagers (through StandUp for Kids), and the YMCA's youth clients. Members of the National Honor Society generously donated 987 diapers to youth parents through the YMCA's Housing Our Youth Coalition.

Looking Ahead to 2024

"PILTers" worked tirelessly this semester to fulfill requests for supplies from the organizations we support to assist vulnerable adults and youth. Brayden, Camila, and Kiara "pilted" despite their hectic schedules as graduating seniors applying to colleges, while Minori gave up weekends and holidays to learn the ins and outs of "pilting" and to build her team as she prepares to take the helm in six short months. Meanwhile eight-year-old Josephine continued to impress and inspire with her commitment to activism. As we look ahead to another year, we gratefully acknowledge the support and encouragement we receive from Ms. Struben and Hayley. Along with Lilia, Lana, Sophie, Nicolo, Gloria, Aya, Anya, Elsa, Xavier, Vivienne, Mila, and Genesis, PILT's executive committee is looking forward to another successful semester when school starts back in January.

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