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January - February: Supporting Our Less-Fortunate Peers

Updated: Mar 3

PILT operations for the new calendar year commenced on January 4th with a volunteer shift at PATH by "Pilters" from Albert Einstein Academies Charter Middle. This was followed by our very first state tax filing on January 6th, which was "surreal" given how far we've come and how much we've grown since August 2021 when PILT was launched.

We continued our commitment to our unsheltered and TAY peers through a new collaboration -- this time with the San Diego County YMCA's TAY Services. Thus far, we have supported unsheltered teens and youth through the YMCA's Housing Our Youth Coalition and the San Diego founding chapter of StandUp For Kids. Located in North County (Oceanside and Escondido), the YMCA TAY Services assists transitional age foster youth, former foster youth, youth parents, and unsheltered youth in the county.

PILT x TAY is truly one of collaboration. United by our motto, "Community, Collaboration, and Compassion," PILT members attending four San Diego County schools are working to provide the YMCA's Youth and Family Services Program Director with sleeping bags, hygiene products, baby wipes, and diapers to be distributed to our vulnerable peers.

Albert Einstein Academies

Our CEO-elect Minori led a donut fundraiser at the middle school to purchase hygiene supplies for TAY. She was assisted by teammates Elsa, Genesis, and Xavier, as well as their schoolmate George. All profits will go towards supplementing donations from Helix Charter High School. As mentioned, Minori, Lana, Nicolo, and Anya also spent time volunteering at PATH San Diego's interim shelter in January where they helped organize the donations closet. We also welcomed seventh grader and ASB member Arturo in February, who will lead PILT operations at AEACMS next school year.

Meanwhile, at the elementary school, second grader and ExCo member Josephine collected and sorted donations of clothes from the AEACES community, which Brayden collected and dropped off at PATH and StandUp for Kids in mid-February.

Helix Charter High School

Within 2 days of receiving the request from TAY and with the support of the four grade-level advisors and the librarians (to whom we'll be forever grateful), Brayden and Sophie launched a schoolwide donation drive on January 31st. The first drop-off of 326 items was made on February 17th. The drive is still ongoing.

In addition to student donations and those through librarians Mrs. Potter and Mrs. Bruflat, Helix also donated 17 notebooks, 13 binders, and 106 folders to the YMCA's Youth and Family Services.

Mission Bay High School

PILT activities at Mission Bay High were led by PILT's second-in-command Camila and assisted by Lilia. On February 26th, the Outreach Club visited PATH San Diego's interim shelter and supportive housing site downtown. Club members served lunch to supportive housing residents, made "welcome home" baskets for new interim shelter residents, and spent some time organizing the donations closet. The Outreach Club also held two fundraisers on campus: a bake sale on January 17th and a Crumbl cookie fundraiser on February 29th. Proceeds from the bake sale were used to purchase hygiene products for PATH San Diego's unsheltered clients, while part of the proceeds from the Crumbl fundraiser will be used to purchase items requested by the YMCA's TAY Services.

Scripps Ranch High School

PILT is represented at Scripps Ranch by senior director Kiara. She compiled a list of potential organizations that could provide TAY with "big ticket" items such as heavy jackets, tents, and flashlights that we're not likely to obtain through in-school donations. Organizations on the list will be contacted beginning March 15th.

With spring break around the corner, PILT is fast moving towards a period of transition. With Brayden, Camila, and Kiara graduating high school in June, it will be time for a new and exciting chapter under Minori's leadership. We can't wait to see what's in store for PILT.

In the meantime . . .


- Brayden

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